Renee Miller, Chief Creative Designer of Elements by Renee is a Maryland designer (by way of Pittsburgh, PA). She is best known for her bold and chic designs. Her eye-catching creations spark conversation for those who love the artistry of jewelry design! She loves to travel near and far to gather rare and unique gemstones to use in her collections. Her one of a kind pieces, limited editions and custom designs have their own vibration and aesthetics that speak to your spirit.

In 2002, she started Elements by Renee to share the beauty, purpose and passion that she felt for gemstones and designing jewelry. Over the years, her brand and recognition expanded and her designs have been worn on television shows, featured on fashion show models and part of art exhibits. This has also lead to the expansion of the brand to 4 lines for women (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) and 1 line for men (Storm).

Her design inspirations are multifaceted because she uses life insights and moments, nature and unique vibrations of color combinations to create meaningful collections. Each design has had careful selection of the gemstones and precious metals used, so that her wearer receives the benefits of the crystal properties and a quality piece of art in jewelry form. Her designs are reiki infused and aesthetically bold and colorful. Along with beautiful visual appeal, her collections often have a have an inspirational message for each wearer. She wants the wearer to remember that they are LIGHT and LOVE.


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